New Global Partnership with Limbs and Things


समाचार पर वापस जाएँ

We are excited to announce that TruCorp’s TruUltra range is now exclusively sold worldwide by Limbs and Things!

Our team are delighted to take our corporate relationship with the Limbs & Things team to the next level by going exclusive globally with our TruUltra range. This range includes TruIVBlock, TruNerve Block, TruPICC and the soon-to-be launched TruCVC.

We have no doubt their team will help our products expand into markets we are yet to explore. Check out below for a quick summary of the TruUltra range.

TruIV Block

IV cannulation abilities can be mastered by learners with the help of TruIV Block. This IV method allows users to practise using ultrasonography during IV operations. It features 8 veins, 4–8 mm in diameter, both superficial and deep.

TruNerve Block

The TruNerve Block is perfect for emergency medicine, radiology, simulation centres, surgical skills centres, surgical training programmes, medical education facilities, and manufacturers for ultrasound demonstrations and education.


TruPICC is an adult male training arm intended to provide efficient instruction in IV insertion and peripherally placed central catheters. The user’s skills for inserting needles, guidewires, and catheters using ultrasound are enhanced by this ultrasound-guided PICC line and IV placement training model. Additionally, it’s perfect for demos and instruction for ultrasound producers.


Additionally, we are excited to present a brand-new product that will be available soon. TruCVC was created for advanced instruction in central venous catheter techniques. For the purpose of honing central line abilities in needle insertion, wire manipulation, and catheter placement under real-time ultrasound guidance, TruCVC offers unparalleled realism.

How to contact us?

You can submit an inquiry for our TruUltra range via the TruCorp website. This will be forwarded to the relevant team who will contact you directly.

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