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Care & storage

Keeping your airway trainer in top condition

Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or temperatures outside the range specified in the user manual. Failing to meet these guidelines will directly affect the quality and shelf life of the polymer materials used to construct the model.

Always consult the usage/cleaning instructions supplied with the user manual for each product to ensure maximum model efficiency. Please transport the models in the carrier case provided to ensure adequate protection (replacement carrier bags and other consumables may be ordered on our website).

Store in clean, dry conditions away from heat and direct sunlight; avoid contact with metals, solvents, oils or greases and strong detergents. When the product is not in use please store in the black carrier case provided.

Thoroughly wash the AirSim airway in warm water. Please use warm soapy water or something similar until all visible foreign matter and residue is removed.

Mild detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents may be used on the airway in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and at the proper dilution. The detergent must not contain skin or mucous membrane irritants.

Please do not use any of the following when cleaning the AirSim® product range:

  • Germicides, disinfectants, or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®)
  • Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners or iodine-containing cleaners

Contact one of our medical simulation manikin specialists with any questions or concerns.

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