BVM Ventilation Trainers

BVM Ventilation Manikins

Our airway manikins facilitate realistic training in all bag-valve-mask ventilation techniques, including one-person and two-person BVM ventilation, and bag-valve-mask ventilation in adults, children, and infants.

Our innovative AirSim X airway was created using CT DICOM data from real people. The AirSim X airway features important internal landmarks and has a tongue with real-life size and texture that can be inflated to simulate tongue edema. Trainees receive positive tactile feedback during and after correct placement of an airway device.

The realism of our training products ensures true-to-life training in establishing a clear airway for BVM ventilation, including:

  • Ensuring oropharynx is free of obstructions
  • The jaw assembly and neck allow a full range of real-life movements and articulations, for training in proper positioning and maneuvers
  • Placement of an airway device (naso- and oropharyngeal)

TruCorp BVM ventilation trainers are not only the world’s most realistic airway trainers, they’re incredibly durable and designed to withstand repeat training drills in a busy teaching environment. We offer free product demonstrations and discount pricing for high-volume orders.

Bag-Valve-Mask Ventilation Training Manikins

TruCorp airway trainers are ideal for practicing BVM procedures. The silicone simulated skin covering has a lifelike feel so trainees can properly seal the mask around the nares and mouth. Maintaining a patent airway and preventing air from escaping through gaps between the mask and face is a critical aspect of successful BVM ventilation.