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These are some testimonials from some professionals who love the TruCorp products


Will add to the fidelity of simulation no matter where you are in the hospital

The TruMonitor® app is superb. It allows real-time, dynamic control of a realistic monitoring screen with the ability to display x-rays, labs and other items. It also can act like a crash-cart monitor permitting pacing and defibrillation. This software will add to the fidelity of simulation no matter where you are in the hospital. I would highly recommend to any simulation program.

- Brian Buchanan

University of Alberta


Able to provide everything we needed

We found the model to be wonderfully compact, yet able to provide everything we needed to demonstrate ultrasound scanning of vessels, with enough room to demonstrate adequately both in and out of plane techniques.The model has a good real feel to it and has just the right amount of internal sonotexture to provide added realism. The internal vessel system with pump works well and the flashback on cannulation is an added step towards reality that is useful for teaching. We love that it all stores away in a convenient carry bag.

- Justin Kirk-Bayley

Surrey Initiative for Research & Training in Ultrasound Excelling at ultrasound education, Royal Surrey County Hospital


We received extremely positive feedback

We used the TruNerve block® 3-in-1 to teach undergraduate medical students’ intravenous cannulation. The equipment was very useful and allowed us to demonstrate the different appearances of nerves, blood vessels, and fascial planes. After a short period of instruction, a large majority of the students were able to successfully gain intravenous access using an ultrasound probe and we received extremely positive feedback for the course.

- Robert Moynihan

Clinical Teaching Fellow, Great Western Hospital


A great simulation monitor to practice emergency scenarios

The TruMonitor® app is a great simulation monitor to practice emergency scenarios. Best communication with the service team!

- D. Hinterreiter

University of Pecs



Thank you so much for the manikin. I used it as a "live" demonstration on both conference days for difficult airway management, and use of the LMA. I performed placement of an emergency cricothyrotomy catheter, and ventilated the manikin's lungs using a jet ventilation device. It was awesome!! I hope to do the same for next year with several workshops where the participants can all get hands on training. Thanks again!!!!

- Thomas Einstein

Einstein Anaesthesia


Confidence in taking care of acutely ill patients

The East Africa Training Initiative (EATI) wants to thank TruCorp for their very generous donation of the AirSim intubating mannequin. Our pulmonary & critical care fellows take care of very acutely ill patients both in the intensive care unit and in the bronchoscopy suite at Black Lion Hospital in Addis Ababa and the ability to manage airways that need to be secured is essential. Black Lion is the largest general public hospital in Ethiopia and is the training grounds for many health care providers in Ethiopia. Several of our visiting faculty have given seminars and supervised the fellows in airway management, but the receipt of the TruCorp mannequin has greatly changed our fellows’ airway management skills, especially with regards to direct laryngoscopy. Because we are resource limited, video laryngoscopy and other newer devices which can aid in intubation are not available to us, but having the TruCorp mannequin allows our fellows on a daily basis to practice and sharpen their airway management skills, including their pre-oxygenation skills involving bag valve masking and intubating skills with direct laryngoscopy. This has led to an overall improvement and confidence in taking care of their most acutely ill patients.

- Kevin Felner

NYU School of Medicine


Most advanced, yet affordable simulator

Our Clinical Air Division (2 Helicopters and 1 Fixed Wing) has evaluated your AirSim Combo and TruMan Trauma X® manikin and we are very pleased with this product. The support TruCorp has given us and the excellent detail and workmanship of your products is outstanding. We feel the TruMan Trauma X® is the most advanced, yet affordable trauma simulator on the market today and we look forward to training all 30 of our flight crew members on our new Chest Tube Insertion Protocol utilizing your TruMan Trauma X®. Thank you again.

- Keith Carter

Critical Care Flight Paramedic


Incredibly helpful training our neonatology fellows

The Pierre Robin manikin has been incredibly helpful in training our neonatology fellows how to manage a difficult airway. All of our fellows have benefited greatly from learning to place oral airways, laryngeal mask airways, and endotracheal tubes in this manikin. The anatomy is quite realistic and I have yet to find a better difficult airway training manikin for neonatology.

- Heather French

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia


Most realistic feel

TruCorp make airway manikins with the most realistic 'feel'. For too long we have been practicing airway management on products that demand far more strength and effort than is required in real-life. At last a product that encourages a more subtle and delicate approach to airway management.

- Eoghan Colgan

NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde


Everyone finds it a valuable learning tool

I have had the pleasure of interacting with the folks at TruCorp both in person and from a distance whilst investigating the best airway training manikin. The professionalism and support of the healthcare industry is tremendous. The AirSim manikins are anatomically correct and offer benefits of airway manipulation and difficult airway techniques. The adult trainer we trialed and ultimately purchased is made of high quality materials and has held up very well. Having seen over 300 providers so far, there is no difference from the product new and the way it is a year later. We have had physicians, respiratory therapists, Critical Care Paramedics, Flight Nurses, Paramedics and EMTs use the product, and everyone finds it a valuable learning tool. In addition to the quality of the product, the consumables are very reasonably priced, and are of high quality, enough to use multiple times before needing replaced. Because of the superiority of the Adult product, we are currently trialing the Pediatric heads as well, and are impressed with their design and use. We have had nothing but great feedback from all of our students and clinicians about TruCorp products.

- Christopher Graham

Albuquerque Ambulance


TruCorp has been fantastic to deal with

The quality and design of the TruCorp product has suited our needs for over 5 years. Ideal for a mobile EMS workforce, the task trainers are light and packaged in a soft shelled carrying case allowing ease of transport. Further to this they have accurate anatomical features and promote good clinical technique for both basic and advanced airway maneuvers. The team at TruCorp has been fantastic to deal with, providing an excellent product while working within tight timelines.

- Brent Thorkelson

Emergency Medical Services


I have never seen a more complete line

After having the pleasure of reviewing the product line you represent at TruCorp related to airway placement trainers I was most impressed…I wanted to restate that in my 42 years of practicing Respiratory Therapy I have never seen a more complete line of airway manikins and training resources related to the most important work there is to do – save lives by learning advanced airway placement…

- John Murphy

Franciscan St Francis Health


The most realistic models on the market

We are loyal to the AirSim manikins because they are the most realistic models on the market…The manikins are well suited to our training, the incredible realism and anatomically correct details provide our pediatric anesthesiology and critical care learners an experience similar to a real clinical scenario… The product range is ever expanding and TruCorp continues to produce airway trainers that reflect the real world challenges we face.

- Patrick Ross

Los Angeles Children’s Hospital


A valuable asset

Parker has a long history with TruCorp that goes back to our using of the first generation of your product line. Right away, we noticed that the products are well made, represent a very accurate airway, they are very portable, and proved to be a valuable asset to our promoting the Parker products…. Your organization has consistently delivered products for our customer needs on time, and I have never had an issue where TruCorp wouldn’t fully support its products that are used “in the field.

- Mark Langren

Parker Medical

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