Prehospital Ultrasound Manikins

Ultrasound Training Manikins

Emergency department physicians and trauma surgeons have used portable ultrasound for years for point-of-care testing in emergent situations, due to its ability to provide rapid, precise, non-invasive confirmation of diagnosis.

Advances in ultrasound machine technology have made point-of-care ultrasound devices more attractive and accessible to prehospital care providers. Also known as ‘field ultrasound,’ prehospital ultrasound offers several benefits including:

Our models are compatible with all ultrasound machines.

  • Fast, effective complement to physical examinations
  • Improved accuracy in prehospital assessment and treatment decisions
  • Allows paramedics to relay ahead vital information for a faster, more targeted response at the hospital

Achieving desirable results using point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) relies on the training and experience of the paramedic reading the scan. TruCorp ultrasound trainers facilitate lifelike practice in specific ultrasound techniques to improve practitioner confidence and patient outcomes.

TruCorp ultrasound models can be used to practice ultrasound-guided:

Establishing vascular access is frequently needed in prehospital care, and can be quite challenging in many circumstances. Our trainers are also perfect for point-of-care ultrasound manufacturers to use for sales and education. Contact us for a free virtual demonstration and pricing.



TruCorp manikins and training models are incredibly lifelike, with accurate exterior and interior anatomy. Our self-regenerating TruUltra material withstands thousands of needle sticks, and needle marks disappear when left to rest 24 hours. Additional features include:

TruIV Block includes 8 veins of multiple sizes and depths for US-guided IV cannulation practice.

  • Real-feel silicone skin covering
  • Lifelike vascular ‘tenting’ upon needle entry
  • Durable and designed to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting
  • Easy to set up and use, fast exchange of replacement parts

Our ultrasound EMS trainers are ideal for paramedics, EMTs, emergency department physicians, trauma surgeons and POCUS training course providers.

Point-of-care ultrasound courses also teach ultrasound-guided techniques to:

  • Identify a pneumothorax
  • Identify abdominal or thoracic bleeding
  • Verify ET tube placement

…among many other procedures. While our ultrasound trainers currently only support practice in ultrasound-guided IV cannulation and bone fracture identification, we do offer several EMS training manikins which can be used to practice needle decompression of a tension pneumothorax, airway management, BVM ventilation, CPR and many other lifesaving techniques.

We offer discounts for high-volume purchases, ship anywhere in the world and offer free virtual product demonstrations with one of our staff.