AirSim Difficult Airway

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Adult intubation head trainer provides a solution for varying degrees of difficulty when practicing airway management. This versatile model ranges from challenging to very difficult to intubate, facilitating a variety of training scenarios for advanced users .

The AirSim Difficult Airway has been designed to improve management of the unanticipated difficult intubation in accordance with the Difficult Airway Society guidelines.

Model Features

Difficult Airway

  • The internal airway has an enlarged tongue, swollen posterior cartilages and an elongated epiglottis to provide a challenging airway management user experience.



  • Adjustable from normal to complete airway obstruction.
  • Sudden closure of the vocal cords can be simulated.
  • Upon successful user action, laryngospasm can be mechanically reversed to provide positive feedback


Displaced larynx

  • Ability to displace the larynx into a more anterior position to make visualisation of the vocal cords more challenging.
  • Adjustable to provide various levels of difficulty.


Tongue Edema

  •  The tongue can be swollen to simulate various degrees of tongue angioedema. 


Receding / protruding Mandible

  • Various degrees of malocclusion, one mandibular variant and two maxillary variants. 
  • Overbite and underbite features simulated



  • Ability to grossly restrict mouth opening to make insertion of airway devices more challenging


Neck lock / Head rotation restriction

  • Ability to simulate cervical arthropathy through restricting the range of motion of cervical spine
  • Neck lock / Head rotation restriction


Simulate needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy.

  • Easy identification of sternal notch, tracheal rings & cricoid and laryngeal cartilages
  • Interchangeable larynx allows quick and easy repeated use
  • Wraparound replaceable neck skin rotates for 10-15 incisions
All features can be activated quickly and effortlessly by the instructor to create a more challenging or easier experience. The features can be used in isolation or combined to deliver a scenario with numerous variations of difficulty.
SKU: DA91100

AirSim Difficult Airway

AirSim Difficult Airway

Advanced Difficult Airway Management Training Manikin for Intubation, Tracheostomy & Cricothyroidotomy

The AirSim Difficult Airway is ideal for training in percutaneous tracheostomy and needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy.

The AirSim Difficult Airway manikin is compatible with a full range of supraglottic devices. We recommend the following equipment sizes for optimal performance:

  • 7.0-7.5 mm ID for nasal intubation
  • 8.0-9.0 mm ID for oral intubation
  • Size 3-5 for LMA laryngeal masks
  • Similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices

This trainer is also an excellent airway demonstration model for airway management and FONA devices.

Front of neck access trainer

Our AirSim Difficult Airway model facilitates training in FONA airway management, including needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy and percutaneous tracheostomy. Ideal for emergency and anaesthesia clinicians needing to maintain proficiency in emergency front of neck airway techniques.


TruCorp intubation manikins are the most lifelike and hardworking airway trainers on the market today. Our commitment to innovation provides a more realistic training experience for improved patient outcomes. Every medical manikin is designed to withstand repeated use in a classroom setting for efficient training and higher value. Replacement parts interchange quickly and easily.

Book a free demonstration for your organization today–you’ll see and feel the difference. We offer custom pricing and high-volume discounts for institutions.

Find airway trainer replacement parts or contact a medical training product specialist for more information.

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Package Contents
Parts & accessories
AirSim Advance XAirSim Advance Bronchi XAirSim Combo XAirSim Difficult Airway
Oral/nasal intubation
Bag valve mask ventilation
Supraglottic device insertion
Direct/video laryngoscopy
Needle/surgical cricothyroidotomy
Percutaneous tracheostomy
NG tube insertion
Displaced larynx
Tongue Edema
Neck lock / Head rotation restriction
Receding / protruding Mandible
5-year AirSim X Airway warranty
What skills can I teach using the AirSim Difficult Airway?

Learners will gain proficiency in the below procedures:

1. Laryngospasm
2. Displaced larynx
3. Tongue Edema
4. Receding / protruding Mandible
5. Trismus
6. Neck lock / Head rotation restriction
7. Front of Neck airway management

What package contents will arrive with my order?

• 1 AirSim Difficult Airway ready-to-use (DA91100)
• 1 AirSim Difficult Airway Carrier Case (ABAG01)
• 100ml Bottle Of Lubrication (TL001)
• 5 Larynx Inserts (NLX050 – 1 supplied on the manikin and 4 spare)
• 1 Wraparound Neck Skin (RSN2005 – supplied on manikin)
• 2 sets of adhesive pads (attachable to suction cups for increased stability if required)

Do I need to order replacement consumables?

• TruCorp lubrication 100ml (TL001)
• Larynx inserts (NLX050)
• Wraparound neck skins (RSN2005)
• Super Saver Cric Pack (100 Procedures) (ATP0100)

How many procedures will each consumable facilitate?

• 1 larynx insert (NLX050) facilitates 1 surgical cricothyroidotomy and 2-3 percutaneous tracheostomy procedures
• 1 wraparound neck skin (RSN2005) facilitates approx. 10-15 incisions, the skin is designed to be rotated around the neck to maximize usage
• All consumables are quick and easy to interchange so there is no disruption to teaching time

What type of lubrication can be used during intubation practice?

We recommend TruCorp’s lubrication for best practice, but alternatives can be used provided they are water-soluble lubricants. Please do not use silicone-based products as they will degrade the materials.

Does the AirSim Difficult Airway require assembly?

No, this training manikin is delivered ready to use so you can begin training straight away! Generously spray the oral/nasal passages and equipment with the lubrication provided.

What equipment sizes are recommended?

• Size 7.0-7.5mm ID for nasal intubation
• Size 8.0-9.0mm ID for oral intubation
• Size 3-5 for LMA laryngeal masks
• Similar respective sizes for other supraglottic devices

Does the manikin provide user feedback to indicate successful or failed procedures?

Yes, if successfully intubated the two lung bags will inflate. If the airway device is incorrectly placed in the oesophagus, the stomach bag will inflate.

My AirSim Difficult Airway manikin needs repairing. How can I arrange this?

Please direct all warranty and repair requests/inquiries to: /
Tel: +44 (0) 28 3888 2714

What warranty comes with the AirSim Difficult Airway?

The AirSim Difficult Airways comes with a 1-year warranty. Warranty begins from the date of delivery.

What can I use to clean the manikin?

Thoroughly wash the airway in warm water. Please use warm soapy water or similar until all visible foreign matter and residue is removed.

Mild detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents may be used on the airway at the proper dilution. The detergent must not contain skin or mucous membrane irritants.

Please do not use any of the following when cleaning the AirSim product range:
• Germicides, disinfectants or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®)
• Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners or iodine-containing cleaners

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend this additional step to ensure the product is fully sanitized:

Generously spray alcohol spray or gel (minimum 75% alcohol) and wipe off. Repeat 3-4 times to fully disinfect the product. This can be done on the silicone skin and the latex airway.

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