TruCorp intubation heads and innovative AirSim®

TruCorp intubation heads and innovative AirSim® X airways are designed based on CT DICOM data scanned from human patients. From the silicone skin covering to the articulation of the neck and jaw, our advanced airway trainers have a lifelike feel and responsiveness, making every training session more true to life.


Medical Mannequins & Airway Trainers

Durable, realistic patient simulators for education & training

TruCorp patient simulators provide healthcare professionals with realistic training in airway management and many other medical techniques.

TruCorp airway trainers have a long lifespan and easily replaceable parts, making them ideal for airway management training courses and airway device demonstrations.

Airway management trainers in our X range feature the AirSim® X airway covered by a 5-year warranty.  Contact us for pricing, or to request a free virtual demonstration.


Healthcare professionals worldwide recognize TruCorp AirSim airway management training manikins as the gold standard in airway management training equipment.


Our airway training heads are designed to be true to life and withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting. The “real feel” silicone skin covering facilitates ventilation training, and our AirSim airway is based on CT-DICOM data taken from real human patients. All intubation heads feature an inflatable tongue to simulate edema in difficult intubation practice.


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Custom pricing on professional-grade airway management trainers

We offer discounts on our premium airway trainers for high-volume orders. We sell and ship our products worldwide including Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia. Please call or contact us online for price information and a quote.

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