TruCorp turns 20 years old!


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Where it began..

TruCorp turns 20! Let’s travel back in time to 2002, where two anaesthetists set their sights on developing realistic intubation training manikins. Anatomically correct manikins provide an invaluable experience for today’s physicians and healthcare, improving their skills to better care for their patients.

Continual Research and Development

Since then, our product range has grown, and grown and GROWN! From intubation manikins, trauma manikins, full body pediatric skills trainers and ultrasound simulators.

Find our products across the WORLD!

An SME started in little Northern Ireland now ships worldwide to 80 different countries! Fulfilling around 100 training solutions every week. That is 5,200 training solutions per annum, 104,00 across our 20-year life span and we will continue to provide the support and solutions for many years to come.

Amazing staff, amazing service

Our team are at the heart of the organisation, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them! As our company grew, so did our team. Now with departments in operations, finance, sales & marketing, production, design, and research.

A special thanks!

To all our loyal customers across the world, we thank you for making our dream to provide realistic and durable training products to better the skills of our clinicians worldwide come true!

Check out our 20 Year Animation that we had specially made for our big anniversary!

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