Introducing the Smart Airway Adult for Advanced Airway Management Training


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Airway management is a critical skill for medical professionals. The new Smart Airway Adult incorporates smart features and sensor technologies to provide real-time feedback for comprehensive airway management training.

This innovative simulator connects wirelessly to a custom app that monitors and records performance data during airway procedures. The realistic visual and tactile feedback takes skill development to the next level.

With the Smart Airway Adult, medical professionals can target their training based on personal needs and skill level. The interactive app provides robust data and feedback to support significant improvement over time.

This innovative solution combines the latest technology with true-to-life physical attributes for the most advanced airway management training available. Experience the Smart Airway difference!

Key Features:

App Features

Quantitative Measures

  • Embedded sensors track key metrics and displayed on the app which include incisor force, patient head positioning, jaw thrust, cricoid pressure, cricothyroidotomy, oesophageal intubation, internal airway visuals, ventilation rate and volume (including left and right lung isolation)
  • Reinforcing quantitative best practices for procedures

Scenario Variability

  • Fully customisable assessment sessions with detailed feedback reports generated after each session outlining performance, user technique and any recommended corrective practice(s). Such sessions include Direct Laryngoscopy & Intubation, Bag-Mask Ventilation, and Sellick Manoeuvre.

Video Debriefing

  • Intuitive performance dashboard collates individual session data.
  • Instructor-student discussions can continue post scenario to gain valuable feedback

Optimised Instruction

  • Video and theory tutorials provide correct techniques and rationale about why and how to perform the skill.
  • Storage of session results created per user being a key to helping students and medical professionals track progress remotely and improve their technique in airway management related procedures
  • By encapsulating the visualisation, tactile experience and data-driven performance tracking of airway techniques, the Smart Airway accelerates competency, adaptability, and confidence while requiring minimal instructor presence.

Three Training Modes Available:


Practice mode: 

This mode allows the user to familiarise themselves with the model or app and get real-time feedback on techniques such as incisor force, cricoid pressure, head position, jaw thrust, and BVM. Additionally, this allows the user to get visualisations of the lung volumes via bar graphs and pressure curves. This will give them feedback on ventilation rate and volume. The app can discern accurate adherence from inconsistencies in established best practices, creating transparent pathways for targeted refinement. Audio and text feedback once again aids in providing the feedback required to improve their techniques.


Self-directed assessment:

Contains guided video tutorials on what each skill is, contradictions, background information, and audio and text feedback on the student’s performance. This allows students to build and improve their knowledge of procedures, put the knowledge learned in practice mode to the test with an objective self-directed assessment. The student can customise what skill they would like to focus on. Quantitative feedback is then provided on how well the student performed with graded marks presented.

Instructor-led assessment:

The instructor can modify scenarios and assessment criteria based on the user’s level of experience. Additionally, pre-theory knowledge questions for each topic or procedure are provided and marked accordingly. Debrief video and quantitative feedback is provided post assessment, and the instructor can provide additional feedback on how they can improve their technique. A certificate of completion and summary of results will be provided at the end of the assessment.