TruCorp manikins got a new look!


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Realism & Durability of our manikins are at the forefront of our product portfolio, therefore over the years we have continually strived to improve all aspects of our manikins.

From January 2023, you will see our manikin look quite different to some of our older models.

New improvements such as:

Skin texture – it feels and resembles a more defined human face, unfortunately not everyone has perfect skin so we incorporated some texture to reflect this. This texture also follows through onto the replacement wrap around neck skins.

Mouth area – we have built up the material in this area to help improve the durability to avoid tears forming after intubation sessions. Even though the area has been improved, this has no impact on the look and feel of the manikin.

Skin tone – amendments to the pigmentation of both the light and dark skin tone to reflect a more natural and realistic look.

Dark skin tone features – have also undergone some improvements to ensure a realistic bone structure.

Tongue edema – the tube for inflation was previously under the chin however, it is now relocated to the new base of the manikins to ensure when using the manikin the tube is not in the way of the user. The same process of inserting some air from a small syringe still applies.

Lung & Stomach bags – we have now changed the colour of our stomach bags to red and also to resemble the shape of a stomach for both adult and pediatric airway manikins.

Suction cups – we have increased the number of suction cups on the manikin from 3 cups to 6 cups for improved stability during training sessions. For notes on how to safely remove your manikin from a surface, please consult the product user manual.

Wrap around neck skins – you no longer need different neck skins for our TruMan Trauma X as the new design neck skins are compatible with all adult airway manikins. Wrap around neck skins for the child airway manikins have also been upgraded to the new design.

TruMan Trauma X – Torso Insert – we have discontinued the Economy & Premium insert and replaced them with a brand new insert. The new inserts allows the user to palpate the ribs and complete the chest drain procedure more efficiently. We have incorporated coloured layers representing the layers of tissue, muscle and fat once the incision has been made to make it clear to the user. Please note, you can no longer add fluid to the insert, it will be the drainage of air only in the 5th intercostal space.


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