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AED app for objective CPR training

Introducing TruAED, a self-directed simulated AED (Automated External Defibrillator) app for objective CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation) training. Familiarise yourself with common automatic defibrillators, and receive meaningful and valuable feedback on the quality of your chest compressions. 

With the self-directed simulated approach, you will receive objective performance feedback helping you to improve your CPR technique and become more confident in your abilities. Realtime audio, graphical and text feedback from the simulated AED will provide performance feedback and corrective actions required. The app is easy to use and is suitable for healthcare professionals, first responders, and anyone who wants to learn CPR.  The software allows the user to participate in three various settings: Practice mode, Self-directed learning, or an Assessment mode (pre-planned or real time instructor led assessment).   TruAED provides a 3-in-1 solution to effectively delivering CPR and AED training through; The TruAED app, Training manikin and built in de-briefing video software.


TruAED - Practice Mode

TruAED - Self Directed Mode

Simple Cost-Effective App for Medical Simulation Training

1.TruAED iPad/Tablet app

TruAED is a standalone software app available on iOS and Android and can be fully utilised from one device. The user can choose between practice mode, self-directed and assessment modes. The instructor will have the ability to view, communicate and evaluate the individual user’s performance in real time or post scenario evaluation. 

Features and benefits 

Summary of CPR results

  • Critical interventions and overall Perfusion and CCF (Chest Compression Fraction) scores
  • CPR summary performance with depth,rate,recoil averages all captured.

CPR detailed breakdown of each cycle performed

  • Pie charts showing each compression score and colour coded (Green = good, yellow = poor)
  • Depth: correct, too shallow, or too deep
  • Recoil: Full recoil or incomplete
  • Rate: Correct, too slow, or too fast
    • Rate of compressions shown on a line graph with optimum levels indicated
    • Unauthorised pauses are shown and reflects overall CPR performance.
    • The perfusion and CCF scores are obtained for each cycle performed.
    • Breaths if performed will also be shown and compared to when prompted and actual breath was delivered.


TruAED CPR Cycle


Checklist showing all audio prompts and graded based on users’ experiences 

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) Audio Prompts collect when the user stated they had carried out a particular procedure or action I.e., called ambulance, asked for a defib etc. This action needs to be verbalised to the device so the microphone picks up the call-to-action prompt.  
  • This can be manually altered by the user in self-directed mode if they feel they did perform an action but was not picked up by device and/or the instructor in the assessment mode. 


  • The app provides real time quantitative feedback, so the users are aware of their performance and areas they need to improve on. Graphical, text and audio feedback, things like push harder, slow down etc are all communicated to the user. 


Instructor benefits 

  • Ability to allow the students/users to practice independently and reduce the need for hands on resources for teaching. 
  • Quantitative feedback for every performed compression delivers objective feedback, therefore limiting the subjectiveness of the instructor, thus creating a more consistent and confident training environment. 
  • Instructors can create bespoke certificates for training records and certificate of completion customised with their institution logo and colour schemes.


  • Ability to upload the whole scenario (video, feedback, and pdf certificate) to your LMS, export to your data cloud or can be printed. Advantages of going over previous student sessions for evaluation.  
  • All previous student/user sessions can be viewed on any iPad or tablet by logging into your TruAED account. Cloud availability gives flexibility for providing feedback.  
  • The instructor can adjust the grading system so for a more experienced user the outcomes of good, fair, or poor can be altered via a time variant. 
  • Basic or advanced checklists can be created and completed based on user experiences and match the learning needs of the student. 

  • Scenarios can be created to allow the users to put some context to the scene and to build up a real-life situation. 


  • Multiple AED skins are available to choose based on user preference.  


  • Access can be securely shared via a unique code to allow certain and privileged student/users access to TruAED. This code can be refreshed if issues arise. 
  • Credit system can ensure traceability of users and based on usage (self-directed or assessment) these credits are depleted so misuse will not occur. 
  • Currently works on Laerdal QCPR manikins and IM lab CPR add on Kits and support for other manikins coming soon. 


2. Manikin setup 


TruAED allows a quick and easy connection with your chosen manikin which provides feedback on CPR performance in real time.  


There are two options for training: 

  1.  Laerdal Advanced QCPR or Little Anne QCPR family (adult, toddler, and baby)– This setup allows the instructor to see in real time how the student is performing (remotely or local). Pads can be placed on the manikin and mouth to mouth or BVM (Bag Valve Mask) given. This product gives objective feedback on Depth, rate, recoil, and hand location on the chest. 
  2. CPR Add on kit – These are for manikins that have no electronics and are basic in nature. CPR Add-on Kit is a smart device that can be easily installed on existing non smart manikins, to make CPR training more engaging and efficient allowing the manikin to talk to TruAED to give real time CPR/AED feedback. Pads can be placed on this model and mouth to mouth/BVM given if required. Please see full list of products applicable through the IM lab website ( TruCorp do not sell the CPR add on kits) (Please note AED pads are not provided) 


3. Video Debrief  




The video debrief feature within TruAED allows the full simulation to be captured and available for playback to assist post simulation discussions. Student actions are automatically linked to relevant time on captured video, allowing the instructor to easily navigate captured video and deliver efficient feedback. 

  • Real time video of the whole scenario and allows techniques to be critiqued.  
  • Audio prompts that the user has verbalised like e.g., checking breathing, call an ambulance etc can be captured and time stamped. This is auto populated.
  • Flagged events like when AED arrived, CPR begins etc can all be tracked and quickly brought up in the playback mode.  
  • Video recording with Flexible learning (Self-directed option) means the student can practise at a time that suits them without any instructor involvement.
  • Video debriefs can be uploaded to the users personal or organisation LMS/Video software account for effective management, recording, and assessment of the simulation training, both locally and remotely.
  • The solution enables users to deliver high-quality training, education, and quality improvement programs. 

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