TruBaby X

Product Code:TB10001X

Our pediatric clinical skills training model is ideal for anesthetists, nurses & other pediatric emergency medical professionals practicing Directly Observed Practical Skills (DOPS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) and critical emergency medicine including infant airway management and more.

TruBaby X is incredibly lifelike with the appearance, weight, size and movement of a 5-month-old infant.

This manikin is also available in a dark skin tone.

Model Features
  • Realistic & durable AirSim X airway with a 5-year warranty
  • Realistic movement including head tilt, chin lift & jaw thrust
  • Interchangeable head in case of repairs
  • Realistic rib structures including xiphoid process & clavicle
  • Palpable landmarks in the 2nd intercostal space midclavicular line & 5th intercostal space mid-axillary line
  • Palpable vertebrae landmarks
  • Lumbar puncture can be practiced at L3-L4 & L4-L5 spine locations
  • Proximal tibia interosseous needle insertion site
  • Contains tibial tuberosity anatomy & patella anatomy
  • Realistic anatomy to practice inserting catheter tube to extract urine
  • Option for interchangeable male and female genitalia
  • Fully enclosed fluid management system giving realistic blood flashback & flow
  • Allows needle cannulation at various locations in hand, arm & foot with realistic blood flashback
  • Realistic look & feel of tissues
  • Lifelike responsiveness during procedure training
  • Set-up time is less than 5 minutes
Medical Procedure Training
  • Airway management
  • CPR
  • Peripheral venous cannulation (arm, hand, foot)
  • Lumbar puncture
  • Needle thoracentesis for tension pneumothorax (2nd & 5th intercostal space)
  • Chest drain (air only)
  • Intraosseous (IO) infusion (tibia)
  • Urethral catheterization
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SKU: TB10001X

Pediatric Airway Mangement

Infant CPR Training

IO Tibia

Pediatric Peripheral Venous Cannulation (Hand and Arm)

Urethral Catherization

Needle thoracentesis for a tension pneumothorax

TruBaby X

Realistic pediatric skills model for lifelike training

Durable Pediatric Simulator

The TruBaby X pediatric simulation manikin is a versatile and true-to-life clinical skills trainer built to withstand repeated use in a busy classroom setting. This pediatric medical manikin can be used alongside our TruMonitor patient monitor simulator to integrate clinical decision-making with medical technique training.

Contact TruCorp online to request a free product demonstration at your organization and pricing details. Product number TB10001X.


  • It’s realistic! Weight, size and movement of a 50th percentile 5-month-old baby
  • A complete solution for pediatric clinical skills training, ideal for practicing DOP’S, PALS and critical procedures in emergency pediatric medicine.
  • The model has been designed as fully interchangeable, all the parts are cost-effective and can be replaced quickly when required.
  • Initial set-up time is less than 5 mins.
  • Internal fluid flow for realistic blood flashback during IV cannulations.
  • Features the AirSim X airway which provides realistic and durable training and comes with a 5-year warranty. 1-year warranty as standard for all other parts on the TruBaby X
  • Delivered in a durable carry case for easy transportation and safe storage.
TruBaby X features the durable and realistic TruCorp AirSim X airway and facilitates infant airway management training including:

We offer a full line of adult, child and infant airway mannequins.


CPR techniques differ depending on the age of the recipient. The TruBaby X System allows realistic infant CPR training to improve practitioner confidence and patient safety featuring:
  • Realistic rib structure with xiphoid process and sternum
  • Full recommended depth of 1.5 inches can be achieved with full chest recoil
  • Chest structure has lifelike recoil during compressions, accurate representation of rise and fall during ventilation
  • Realistic look and feel of tissues representing skin, fat and muscle

Though infants are far smaller than adults, performing high-quality chest compressions during CPR is equally important. TruBaby X’s lifelike responsiveness to compressions and ventilation allows for realistic practice to improve patient outcomes. Like all our simulation manikins, this model is built to withstand repeated use in a busy training environment.


Peripheral IV (intravenous) catheters can be inserted into peripheral veins to administer treatments, transfusions or IV fluids. TruBaby X facilitates peripheral venous cannulation practice in the arm, hand, or foot.

Peripheral venous cannulation (Hand and Arm)

  • Contains the dorsal venous arch, cephalic and basilic veins allowing needle cannulation at various locations.
  • Activation of the normal venous blood flow mode allows fluids to be withdrawn and administered providing realistic blood flashback.
  • The pediatric IV arm trainer facilitates 300+ needle penetrations using a size 21g needle.

Peripheral venous cannulation (Foot)

  • Contains the Dorsal venous arch, great and lesser saphenous veins allowing needle cannulation at various locations.
  • Activation of the normal venous blood flow mode allows fluids to be withdrawn and administered providing realistic blood flashback.
  • The foot facilitates 300+ needle penetrations using a size 21g needle.


Lumbar puncture acquires a sample of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) for testing to confirm or exclude diagnosis of infection (bacterial, viral or fungal).

TruBaby X facilitates lumbar puncture training with:
  • Ability to maneuver the baby into the required lateral decubitus position or sit upright
  • Palpable vertebrae landmarks including the iliac crest
  • Insertion sites include L3-L4 and L4-L5 spine locations
  • Accurate needle placement allows for positive response and collection of simulated cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)
  • Fluid is isolated and can be quickly refilled for a unique training experience
  • Insert can last for 100+ needle penetrations using a 22g needle and is fully interchangeable


Tension pneumothorax results when alveoli (air sacs in lungs) rupture and leak air into the pleural space (between lung and chest wall).

TruBaby allows training in needle thoracentesis at the 2nd & 5th intercostal spaces and features:
  • Realistic rib structures including xiphoid process and clavicle
  • Palpable landmarks in the 2nd intercostal space midclavicular line and the 5th intercostal space midaxillary line
  • Easily interchangeable inserts
  • Each needle decompression insert facilitates 150+ needle penetrations using an 18g needle


  • Palpable landmarks in the 5th intercostal space mid auxiliary line.
  • Facilitates either the Seldinger chest drain insertion technique or the needle thoracentesis approach for the treatment of a pneumothorax.
  • Each chest drain insert facilitates single use via the Seldinger approach with a size 8F chest tube.
  • Alternatively, each chest drain insert can facilitate 150+ needle penetrations using an 18G Needle.


Intraosseous infusion (IO) is making an injection directly into the bone marrow to create a non-collapsible point of entry for the systemic venous system. In this way fluids and/or medication can be delivered even when intravenous access is not possible. Blood samples can also be collected this way.

The proximal tibia is the preferred site for intraosseous infusion in infants. TruBaby X allows training in IO tibia featuring:
  • Features the tibial tuberosity and patella anatomy which facilitates for the identification of the proximal tibia intraosseous needle insertion site.
  • Realistic resistance when penetrating the medullary cavity.
  • Each IO insert is delivered with pre-filled fluid and facilitates single use with an 18G IO needle.

We also offer a standalone pediatric IO training leg based on a 5-month-old infant.


A catheter may be used to obtain a sterile urine specimen to diagnose infection in the bladder or kidneys. Some infants may need a urinary catheter because of low urine output, so nursing and medical staff can determine how much fluid is needed.

TruBaby X allows training in infant urethral catheterization featuring:
  • Realistic infant anatomy to practice and learn the techniques of catheterization
  • An 8F catheter can be inserted into the urethra and into the bladder.
  • Upon successful entry, fluid will flow from the catheter.
  • Option for interchangeable male and female genitalia

Infant crisis manikin for resuscitation training & more

TruBaby X is ideal for training in a range of lifesaving techniques for infants. Our advanced infant crisis manikin facilitates training in CPR, airway management, needle decompression of pneumothorax, chest drain insertion, IV cannulation, PICC line insertion, IO tibia, urethral catheterization and more. This model is also a cost-effective pediatric nursing manikin. Our TruMonitor app can be used alongside the infant crisis manikin to integrate clinical decision-making into your training.

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Package Contents

Product Code: TB10001X

  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X Arm (TBARML01/TBARMR01)
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X Leg (TBLEGL01/TBLEGR01)
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X needle decompression inserts (TBND04)
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X chest drain inserts (TBCD04)
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X IO inserts (TBIO20)
  • 1 TruBaby X lumbar puncture insert (TBLUM04)
  • 1 TruBaby X female genitalia insert (TBUI01F)
Additional package contents:
  • 1 TruBaby X carrier case
  • 100ml bottle of TruCorp lubrication (TL001)
  • 250ml bottle of artificial blood concentrate (CVB250)
  • 1 syringe with yellow and white tubing for fluid insertion/removal throughout model
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X needle decompression inserts (TBND04)
  • 1 left & 1 right TruBaby X chest drain inserts (TBCD04)
  • 3 left & 3 right IO inserts (TBIO20)
  • 1 TruBaby X lumbar puncture insert (TBLUM04)
  • 1 TruBaby X male genitalia insert (TBUI01M)
  • Delivered in durable carry case for easy transportation & safe storage

Weight: approx. 5.5Kg (12.1 lb) (full shipment package weight approx. 10kg/22lb.
Product dimensions: 62 x 22 x 12cm (24.4 x 8.7 x 4.7 in.
Full shipment dimensions: 79 x 45 x 28cm (35.9 x 20.5 x 12.7 in.)

AirSim Baby X AirSim Pierre Robin X TruBaby X -
Oral/nasal intubation
Bag valve mask ventilation
Supraglottic device insertion
Direct/video laryngoscopy
Difficult airway management
NG tube insertion
Clinical skills training
5-year AirSim X Airway warranty
What makes the AirSim X airway so unique?

The AirSim X airway has been designed using CT DICOM data from real patients, to provide trainees with a lifelike intubation training solution. The internal airway is anatomically accurate and will guarantee 20,000+ intubation cycles when used correctly. TruCorp is proud to offer a 5-year warranty on the AirSim X airway.

What age is the TruBaby X model designed to be?

TruBaby X has been designed as a 50th percentile 5-month old infant.

What skills can I teach using the TruBaby X?

Learners will gain proficiency in the below procedures:

• Direct and video laryngoscopy
• Endotracheal intubation
• Nasotracheal intubation
• Supraglottic device insertion
• Bag valve mask (BVM) ventilation
• Lumbar Puncture
• IV cannulation (hands, arms, and feet)
• Needle thoracentesis (2nd & 5th intercostal space)
• Chest drain (air only in 5th intercostal space)
• Intraosseous infusion (tibia)
• Urethral catheterization (male and female)

What package contents will arrive with my order?

The manikin is delivered in a carrier case with all inserts attached and the following as spares:

• 100ml bottle of TruCorp lubrication (TL001)
• 250ml bottle of artificial blood concentrate (CVB250)
• 1 set of TruBaby X needle decompression inserts (TBND04)
• 1 set of TruBaby X chest drain inserts (TBCD04)
• 3 sets of IO inserts (TBIO20)
• 1 TruBaby X lumbar puncture insert (TBLUM04)
• 1 TruBaby X male genitalia insert (TBUI01M)

What replacement consumables are compatible?

• TruCorp lubrication – 100ml (TL001)
• Concentrated blood – 250ml (CVB250)
• TruBaby X needle decompression inserts (TBND04)
• TruBaby X chest drain inserts (TBCD04)
• TruBaby X Arms – non-ultrasound (TBARM01L/TBARM01R)
• TruBaby X Legs (TBLEG01L/TBLEG01R)
• TruBaby IO inserts – pack of 20 (TBIO20)
• TruBaby X lumbar puncture inserts (TBLUM04)
• TruBaby X female genitalia insert (TBUI01F)
• TruBaby X male genitalia insert (TBUI01M)

How many procedures will each consumable facilitate?

• IV Cannulation (hands, arms, and feet): 300+ needle penetrations per single hand, arm, and foot (non-ultrasound inserts)
• Needle Thoracentesis (2nd and 5th intercostal space): 300+ needle penetrations per set of needle thoracentesis inserts
• Chest Drain (air only – 5th intercostal space): 300+ needle penetrations per set of chest drain inserts, or single-use when performing the Seldinger technique
• Lumbar puncture: 100+ needle penetrations per lumbar insert
• IO Tibia: Single use per IO insert
• Urethral catheterization: 100+ catheterization procedures per genitalia insert
• All consumables are quick and easy to interchange so there is no disruption to teaching time

What type of lubrication can be used during intubation practice?

We recommend TruCorp’s lubrication for best practice, but alternatives can be used provided they are water-soluble lubricants. Please do not use silicone-based products as they will degrade the materials.

Does the TruBaby X require assembly?

No, this training manikin is delivered with all parts attached. You will simply need to fill the fluid system. Please refer to the videos on this webpage for a detailed tutorial video on adding fluid to the system. For airway management training, generously spray the oral/nasal passages and equipment with the lubrication provided.

What equipment sizes are recommended?

• 3.5-4.0mm ID for oral intubation
• 2.0-3.0mm ID for nasal intubation
• Size 1 for supraglottic devices
• Size 1 for video laryngoscopy
• Size 18G needle for needle decompression
• Size 8F tube for chest drain
• Size 18G needle for IO tibia
• Size 8F urethral catheter
• Size 21G needle for IV
• Size 22G needle for lumbar puncture

What warranty comes with the TruBaby X?

The TruBaby X manikin comes with a 5-year warranty on the AirSim X airway and a 1-year warranty on all other parts. Warranty begins from date of delivery.

My TruBaby X manikin needs repairing. How can I arrange this?

Please contact us and provide the serial number (found under the neck skin of the manikin) and an image/video of the issue. If it meets the warranty conditions TruCorp will repair free of charge. If the warranty has expired, our sales team will provide a quote for repair.

How should I store the manikin when it is not in use?

Please store the manikin in clean, dry conditions away from heat and direct sunlight. Avoid contact with metals, solvents, oils or greases and strong detergents. When the product is not in use please store in the black carrier case provided.

What can I use to clean the manikin?

Thoroughly wash the AirSim X airway in warm water. Please use warm soapy water or similar until all visible foreign matter and residue is removed.

Mild detergents or enzymatic cleaning agents may be used on the airway at the proper dilution. The detergent must not contain skin or mucous membrane irritants.

Please do not use any of the following when cleaning the AirSim product range:
• Germicides, disinfectants, or chemical agents such as glutaraldehyde (e.g. Cidex®)
• Ethylene oxide, phenol-based cleaners or iodine-containing cleaners

In response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, we recommend this additional step to ensure the product is fully sanitized:

Generously spray alcohol spray or gel (minimum 75% alcohol) and wipe off. Repeat 3-4 times to fully disinfect the product. This can be done on the silicone skin and the latex airway.

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